Artwork + all kinds of printed stuff, big and small. 

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Special Products

Pop-up and roll-up diplays, pop-up tents, printed padding, lightboxes, signs, banderolls, displays, A-frames, beachflags, T-shirts, cycling jerseys, teamwear etc.
Printing services

Sticker, card or paper. Digital, screen or offset. Labels, signs, oversize stickers, magnetic stickers, double sided stickers. Postcards, business cards, folders, leaflets, posters, mobiles, brochures.

Professional installation for banners and digital or plotter cut adhesives. Skillful installation takes seamless integration of manual labor and technology. We supply stylish installations with quality materials and proven solutions provide long term satisfaction. Our experience guarantees results even in the most complicated jobs.

Let the exterior of your office or vehicle work for you. A colorful, high quality adhesive is a highly visible and economical advertising instrument. Short term campaigns or long term and durable. One way vision (perforated film) enables covering the windows without sacrificing visibility from the inside. Printed adhesives can be laminated for scratch and weather resistance.

Create a dramatic backdrop anywhere, using printed textiles ur use flags to mark your territory. Digitally printed, colorful banner or flag is an effective marketing tool. We use 115 g polyester fabric or banner fabric and special textile inks. The dye penetrates the fibres and (with flags) is visible as a mirror image on the reverse. The textiles are washed after printing, giving them softness and weather resistance. All flags and banners are finished with seams, eyelets or hooks. The finished products are machine washable. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Fire safety certified if necessary (B1).
PVC banner

Digitally printed, colorful pvc frontlit-banner or mesh is an effective marketing tool. All banners are finished for installation - edges turned back, sewn or welded, with tunnels or eyelets as needed. The banners are easy to clean and weather resistant. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Up to 5 x 45 m compact, bigger sizes welded from panes. Fire safety certified if necessary.